An Afternoon on Lala salaama

As I feel my muscles starting to ache from the long riding hours in the car from Kampala all I can think about is which massage am I going to choose, as I get to my room, I see a spa menu with so many options that I cannot even choose! The all sounds so perfect and precisely what I need and therefore I decide to trust the masseuse and let her give me her best recommendation. As I am called for my massage, I am greeted by a lovely woman named Nancy and she goes on to explain that she will be the masseuse and that I should feel comfortable and not afraid to ask any questions. As we start making our way to the massage place, I feel we are getting closer to the Nile River, I feel the cool breeze lifting my hair and making it dance around. Nancy goes on to tell me that I will be having my massage on top of the world’s longest river!

As we start our descent to the steep wooden stairs that bring us to the magnificent wooden boat that has two massage beds on each extreme side as well as some privacy curtains and a bamboo roof to make you feel safe and relaxed. As I was getting on the bed Nancy recommended the massage named Strength of the Nile, which is a deep muscle tissue massage that is designed to alleviate deep-seated tensions and muscular stress. Specialized techniques are used to concentrate on specific areas of concern. And since I have long-lasting issues with my back and most importantly the sciatic nerve which is very painful, I decided to do take on Nancy’s recommendation and boy did it feel good!

As my head was stuck in the massage bed, I had a view of an elegant bowl filled with water and beautiful varieties of different flowers, it was my first time not having a boring floor or seeing the masseuse’s toes. All of my senses were being touched at the perfect spot! My ears were blessed with hearing the waves hit the side of the wooden boat, as well as some relaxing massage music being played on the speakers at a soft volume, and from time to time there was a wind chime. My nose was exploring all the different smells from the various oils I could ask for. The smells were ranging from peppermint, coconut, olive oil, and citronella, I chose coconut because it’s my favorite smell. When the massage was over I have proposed a glass of Spa water which was water infused with cucumbers, mint, and strawberries. It tasted so healthy I felt like I had in a new body! As I gaze to the left I see this warm orange color forming in the sky and lucky enough I had the chance to watch the full sunset on Lala Salama and that is one memory I will never forget.

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