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When you hear about how Uganda is gifted by nature, you can be spoilt for choice as to what to point out when explaining that fact. It could be the amazing hospitable people, the good food or the fact that Uganda has majority of the rare mountain gorillas that share the Virunga massif with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It could also be the fact that Uganda is home to so many bird species that almost any trip outside of your house can turn into a ‘bird’ idea. And how about the fact that the country’s landscape is punctuated with over 100 lakes and so many rivers. Water bodies laden with so much fresh water.
“When I showed the Nile Safari Lodge project to large companies in Europe, they all told me the same thing: that I would never manage to build a lodge of this type in Uganda”. Nathalie smiles as she pronounces these words because, obviously, not only did she manage to make that paper dossier a reality, but what is now her luxury hotel in the heart of the Pearl of Africa - that is what everyone calls Uganda, and how right they are—exceeded all expectations. But all, all.
We are committed to making your travel experience more affordable and comfortable. Find out about our unique experience, designed with your convenience in mind so that you arrive at the Lodge or Bugungu/ Pakuba airstrip refreshed and relaxed. You can even tour and view Murchison falls national park in the skies.
As a lodge, it is our duty, pride and mission to cater to each and every guest’s demands and needs. We make sure to listen and anticipate any issue or stress that could inconvenience our guests by preparing ahead of time, putting ourselves in the guest’s shoes and having a real feel of the experience.
As I feel my muscles starting to ache from the long riding hours in the car from Kampala all I can think about is which massage am I going to choose, as I get to my room, I see a spa menu with so many options that I cannot even choose! The all sounds so perfect and precisely what I need and therefore I decide to trust the masseuse and let her give me her best recommendation. As I am called for my massage, I am greeted by a lovely woman named Nancy and she goes on to explain that she will be the masseuse and that I should feel comfortable and not afraid to ask any questions. As we start making our way to the massage place, I feel we are getting closer to the Nile River, I feel the cool breeze lifting my hair and making it dance around. Nancy goes on to tell me that I will be having my massage on top of the world’s longest river!
The cold morning mist gives us goosebumps but lucky for us our driver was prepared and had small blankets for us to wrap around us. As we are driving we feel the sun  starting to pick up and shine down on us. The sky had some phenomenal colors, ranging from a hot pink, to a fiery orange and a deep red marking the rim of the sun.  Over in the distance we see a herd of buffalos, a mix of young calves, old bulls, healthy females and injured males.

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