Life-changing Nile Crossing

As a lodge, it is our duty, pride and mission to cater to each and every guest’s demands and needs. We make sure to listen and anticipate any issue or stress that could inconvenience our guests by preparing ahead of time, putting ourselves in the guest’s shoes and having a real feel of the experience.

As some of us have heard of the oil project (Total’s Tilenga Oil Project ), located in the conservancy districts near the ecologically fragile Murchison Falls National Park and the Nile Delta in the Lake Albert region in western and northern Uganda.

We, therefore, decided to adapt the guests’ safari experience by finding a better access route and adding some more activities and excitements in exchange for long rides along the very busy roads being constructed and the dozens of big red trucks carrying materials to finish the tarmacked road that goes through the park from Kychumbayobo to Tangi gate.

Our new tour starts right from the lodge. Our guests will be greeted in the morning as they make their way to our Jetty. We have our 15-seater boat with our electric motor and captain Ceasar on board. As you get into the boat you will be briefed about the surroundings and what you can expect to see, the boat ride will only last around 6 minutes to reach the other side of the river Nile and into the park, you are. As you descend from the boat our 4×4 open safari vehicle, your guide will be present with our Driver Thadeo at the Buligi  landing site, ready to go on Safari! Buligi landing is the point at the end of one of the safari tracks, it connects to all the different tracks that will lead you to the delta spot.

By doing our tour this way we completely avoid any disruptive work being done in the park and we add some more excitement to the guests’ journey, it is time-saving, and more accessible.

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