About Us

Nile Safari Lodge is a wholly owned family project specialized in luxurious accommodation, cuisine, décor and services.

We can cater for up to 25 guests at the lodge at any one time, so you are guaranteed peace and quiet, as well as excellent customer service at all times. Choose Nile Safari Lodge for its unique experience over the River Nile.

About Us

Nile Safari Lodge is a World class eco-friendly lodge serving our guests with high quality hospitality and services. By developing our conservation program and respecting the environment around us. We ensure our guests with first hand dedicated attention throught their stay.

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About Us

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Are you ready for the start of your Ugandan adventure at Nile Safari Lodge? Game viewing is naturally the number 1 activity guests at Nile Safari Lodge enjoy the most.

Each couple will share one of our 8 luxury bandas, each complete with ensuite bathroom, private deck and breath-taking views. At the main area you will find our relaxing lounge with an open fireplace and a large terrace where breakfast and lunch will be served. Just besides the Main area is our salt based infinity swimming pool, big enough for a leisurely swim or a refreshing dip.

Our team

Most of our team members come locally from the communities surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. Traditionally the people around Murchison depended on fishing for their livelihoods, but a number of jobs and development opportunities now come from the lodges and conservancies that attract visitors and tourists from all over the globe.


At Nile Safari Lodge we don’t believe its good enough just to claim we are ‘eco-friendly’. We take being green very seriously. We strive to operate in the most sustainable way, using ‘green’ technology where-ever possible to reduce our footprint. Next to our green ethos, we are dedicated to support conservation and community development.

We actively support conservation projects around our lodges and have initiated several groundbreaking community development projects, in which we will gladly involve our guests.

Solar system

We harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity. Our solar system does it all from lighting the spacious bandas, heating water and pumping water from River Nile. We only operate the generators to boost the system and to operate our washing machines.


Vegetables are freshest when they come from your own garden. Here we try our hardest to produce herbs and vegetables with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Organic natural swimming pool

Everybody likes to swim in clean, safe and clear water , due to the sustainable approach of the purely Nile Safari Lodge, you’ll bathe in a saltwater pool overlooking River Nile and Murchison Falls national park. Hygienically clean water is ensured by a salt electrolysis plant, which splits the salt into two components: sodium bicarbonate and hypochlorite gas. The latter reacts with microorganisms and bacteria. The great advantage of this system is that afterwards the chlorite gas reacts with the sodium bicarbonate to form salt again – decomposing automatically and in an entirely natural way. Here you can swim in an eco-friendly way, without the annoying chlorine smell – and the salty water leaves a pleasant feeling on your skin.


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