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Nile Safari Lodge is a wholly owned family lodge, started in 2017 with a long-term dream of creating and offering a unique experience to the Pearl of Africa. To share the beauty of the region we grew up in and hold very close to our hearts. Our purpose and drive is to offer experiences and memories that enables our guests to “Escape the ordinary”.

Our lodge is designed to be minimally intrusive, with sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes, as well as total exclusivity. Our furniture and fittings have been carefully selected to blend the boundaries between inside and outside, creating a seamless integration with nature while upholding the comfort, aesthetics and durability. We pay very close attention to every small detail while trying to be one with the environment. As a family we care about the footprints we will leave on this earth and therefore we hold this project close to our hearts to conserve and preserve the natural environment and the beauty that comes along with it.

The Lodge was constructed using local materials with cultural knowledge of craftsmanship working with wood, grass and stone from the region. Our eucalyptus poles structure is a largely ‘wall-less’ arrangement, with the main building featuring an ornamental ‘diamond grid’ that efficiently stiffens the roof in what is a non-hierarchical structural system. There is no mechanical cooling anywhere throughout the lodge and the entire facility is powered by photo-voltaic panels. Guests are provided with all amenities of a luxury lodge including private fridges and wireless internet throughout, all powered by the sun. Water is pumped from the river, filtered to drinking water quality using a UV filtration system and then heated by the sun for showers and bathtubs.

Local works is a multi-disciplinary design and build collaborative, based in Kampala, Uganda, that specializes in the design and realization of ecological architecture in East Africa. Their approach is rooted in the principles of sustainable architecture, with a focus on site-sensitive, contextual design and socioeconomic, environmental and technological appropriateness. Their design process is rooted in research and development that focuses on the innovative use of local materials, the prototyping and testing of eco-friendly construction techniques and the optimization of appropriate technologies. At Local works they consider buildings to be spatial organisms rather than iconic sculptures, performing many more roles than can be captured by a glossy photograph in a coffee table book. Local works architectural concept for the main building was to avoid a ‘real building’, instead creating a series of grass thatched roofs that ‘float’ above the landscape to provide the lodge’s clients with an exciting ‘bush experience’ through a more direct connection to the surrounding wilderness. The open nature of the design maximizes airflow through the structure in what is generally a hot and humid climate, while at the same time generating a series of unexpected views of the river and park for guests as they move through it.

Ars Construction (U) Ltd is a Construction Company registered in Uganda since September 2012.Born from the experience of the Italian sister company, Ars Aedificandi Spa, they wish to bring to Uganda the same expertise, know-how and quality acquired in Italy over the last 25 years.  As General Contractor, through partnerships with well-established professionals and suppliers, the Company is suit for the execution of any kind of construction projects. Our vision is to set new standards of quality and customer satisfaction in the construction sector in Uganda and East Africa. Their mission is to bring the Italian know-how and expertise in the Ugandan Construction Industry, by introducing new technologies, machineries, high quality materials and skilled manpower.

About Us

Nile Safari Lodge is a World class eco-friendly lodge serving our guests with high quality hospitality and services. By developing our conservation program and respecting the environment around us. We ensure our guests with first hand dedicated attention throught their stay.

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About Us

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Are you ready for the start of your Ugandan adventure at Nile Safari Lodge? Game viewing is naturally the number 1 activity guests at Nile Safari Lodge enjoy the most.

Each couple will share one of our 8 luxury bandas, each complete with ensuite bathroom, private deck and breath-taking views. At the main area you will find our relaxing lounge with an open fireplace and a large terrace where breakfast and lunch will be served. Just besides the Main area is our salt based infinity swimming pool, big enough for a leisurely swim or a refreshing dip.

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