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The Green Gold of Uganda

We take the night at the Nile Safari Lodge, a luxury solar-powered eco-retreat downstream from Murchison Falls, right on the banks of the river, which here is wide and textured like the skin of an old person’s cheek. It was along this stretch that John Huston filmed one of my favorite films, The African Queen. And the reasons become obvious while taking a boat upstream, along the way passing towers of giraffe, memories of elephant, obstinacies of buffalo, bloats of hippos, and as we approach the bottom of Murchison Falls, basks of crocodiles, hundreds of crocs, just as in the movie.
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Solar System

Solar Farm at Nile Safari Lodge

Nile Safari’s Solar Farm ☀️🌱 ⁠we have a capacity of 50 KW to generate sufficient power throughout the lodge. Our efforts to fully operate on renewable energy sources is our modest contribution to playing our part in adapting to a new world whilst raising the consciousness of all those that visit Nile Safari Lodge in the common […]

Adungu Live Band

Adungu Live Band performing at Nile Safari Lodge

If you chose to stay in one of the lodges in Murchison Falls National Park you will have the pleasure of meeting the musical band and dancers that go by the names of “Mubako Sounds of The River Nile”, they started creating music in 1994 and continue till this day to make the beautiful sounds […]

Organic Pool

Organic Pool at Nile Safari Lodge

Everybody likes to swim in clean, safe and clear water , due to the sustainable approach of the purely Nile Safari Lodge, you’ll bathe in a saltwater pool overlooking River Nile and Murchison Falls national park. Hygienically clean water is ensured by a salt electrolysis plant, which splits the salt into two components: sodium bicarbonate […]

The Green House

Nile Safari Lodge Garden

Vegetables are freshest when they come from your own garden. Here we try our hardest to produce herbs and vegetables with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Snares To Wares Initiative

snares to wares initiative supported by Nile Safari Lodge

The Snares to Wares Initiative works with youth (susceptible to going into poaching) and converted poachers to transform the wire from snares into delicate, handcrafted sculptures of the wildlife we see every day within the park from lions to elephants to giraffes. This program is in collaboration with researchers from both the University of Oxford, […]

Empowering the Local Community

Nile Safari Lodge Team

With a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Nile Safari Lodge has made it a priority to involve the local community in its operations, resulting in an astounding 80% of its staff hailing from the surrounding area. Our Lodge’s employment strategy is multifaceted, focusing on skill development and capacity building. It offers comprehensive training programs […]